10 Best Netflix TV Shows to Watch

4) The Walking Dead

Currently running its seventh season, The Walking Dead surely deserves a place in our list of 10 best Netflix TV shows to watch. The series are concentrated on survival as a primary motif, and it shows the lives of the survivors through many ups and downs. Many characters were inspirations for other entertainment engagements, from video games to Internet memes. It has become an icon in the TV series world, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular Netflix TV shows.

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5) Vikings

The historic, epic drama grabbed the attention of the viewers from the very beginning. Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok is flawless and together with the rest of the cast they make an excellent team. The second half of the fourth season promises a lot, with a consecutive fifth season on the way. Vikings’ lives and deeds proved to be a successful recipe for one of the most viewed Netflix TV shows.

6) House of Cards

A political drama that shows how things work in the higher political echelons. Kevin Spacey is simply amazing and surely moved the series among the 10 best Netflix TV shows. The fifth season will premiere in February, 2017 and is about to unravel the best of the show yet. The tangible subject of dirty politics seemed to intrigue the viewers and seeing how things work, they praise it for letting the “truth” out in public life.

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