10 Best Netflix TV Shows to Watch

7) Luke Cage

Although a newbie in this list, Luke Cage is proving to be very successful and one of the most popular Netflix TV shows to come. It has a high ranking of 8.0/10 on IMDB, and viewers are yet to seek the culminations in the latter seasons (if the show is renewed, of course). The wrongly accused Luke Cage escapes prison to work as a hired superhero, only with strength and durability upgrades which were ‘entitled’ to him after a sabotaged experiment.

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8) Black Mirror

The TV show that brings to light the dark side of technology today. Originally produced by Zeppotron for Endemol in the first two seasons, the streaming service stepped in for a third season, making it one of the most viewed Netflix TV shows. It reveals the dangerous aspects of the new technology. Stephen King showed a particular interest for the series, and if we see him as any part of the crew, it guarantees that the series will be one of the most viewed Netflix TV shows.

9) Orange is the New Black

The only comedy on our list, mixed with crime and drama is preparing for a fifth season. The reason why it’s on the list of 10 best Netflix TV shows to watch is because it delivers a good personalization of how humankind stands with subjects like race and sexuality. The characters are funny and dark at the same time and we’ll see where they take off from in season five.

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