Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2016

2) Taboola


Founded by Adam Singolda back in 2007 is one of the top AdSense alternatives and one of the most developed so-called “discovery” systems, Taboola. The founder and his Taboola team have come up with an idea of creating a discovery system to offer it to the new content writers in order for them to be discovered easily and quickly. So far this system has been proved to be a success as it has many positive reviews from the users. By using Taboola you will be able to advertise your posts on many popular websites such as NBC, USA Today, Fox Sports, The Weather Channel etc.

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3) Outbrain


Next on our list of best AdSense alternatives is the internet marketing platform called Outbrain. Outbrain is a discovery system developed by a team of people and is known to be a recommendation platform on many famous sites ( The New York Times, GE, Ford etc.). As the team of Outbrain says, their mission is to provide and offer targeted and interesting content to people visiting the sites that have a “partnership” with Outbrain and by that managing to grow the audience of their discovery platform users. Monthly, Outbrain reaches a number of around 557 million audiences worldwide.

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