Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2016

6) BuySellAds


Since 2008 the BuySellAds platform is one of the leading in its area of alternatives to Google AdSense. With many solutions for an advertiser and also for a publisher, the system of BuySellAds is one of the top AdSense alternatives selling around 2 billion ad impressions per month. This platform is also considered to bring loyal customers and site viewers in order to expand a site’s visitors or an online market’s buyers.

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7) Chitika


Founded and developed back in 2003 is one of the best AdSense alternatives, Chitika. Known as one of the most successful platforms of this type, the team of Chitika has created a smart system which provides its users with smart advertising, giving them the possibility of growing their traffic with loyal site visitors. With over 4 billion monthly served ads, Chitika has already over 350,000 publisher users and many advertisers using their platform in order to make their content discoverable.

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