Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2016

8) Infolinks


Next on our list of best alternatives to Google Adsense is the well-made and also high paying AdSense alternative platform called Infolinks. Infolinks has a unique system which gives the opportunity to publishers to monetize their work by having appropriate and clickable ads on their sites and to advertisers to get recognized by targeted and loyal audience. To give you a clear picture, for example, an advertiser has an ad for selling a guitar and the publisher who uses the Infolinks platform has a website for music lessons so the owner of the website (publisher) will get more income because some of the audience that visits their site will probably be interested in buying a guitar and will click on the ad. As that’s the case, the advertiser would be satisfied because his ad (content) has been discovered by loyal visitors. The Infolinks platform is being used by over 150,000 websites till now and is one of the top AdSense alternatives out there.

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9) Skimlinks


If you have a website covering product reviews and product-driven content, then you should probably take a look at this next and one of the best AdSense alternatives. By clicking on a link that leads to a marketplace of a product that you have reviewed and if a visitor considers buying that product motivated by your review that you will surely get a good bonus in terms of money from the Skimlinks platform. Today Skimlinks is being used by 1.5 million websites, which makes this system one of the leading high paying AdSense alternatives.

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10) BlogHer


One of the best promotion sites if you have so-called “woman inspiring” content is the BlogHer website. There you can promote your posts and get discovered by targeted audience easily. The community of BlogHer motivates and inspires women to share and make their marks trough the power of this platform. So as we said previously, you can take advantage of this system if you have the right kind of content based on empowering women and advertise your blog or website in order to grow your traffic.

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