Top 15 Best High-Paying Jobs in America

2) Dentists (Orthodontist)


Next on our list of highest paying jobs in America are the specialized Dentist in the area of Orthodontia – Orthodontists. The job of these professionals is to take care of dislocated teeth (mostly with bracelets) and improper bites in order to give their patients the perfect smile. Being one of the best paying professionals in America, Orthodontists earn up to $185,000, while non-specialized dentist could earn up to $150,000.

3) Lawyers


The experts of the law are one of the highest paid professionals in America. Earning up to $145,000 a year, these people are taking on people’s law cases and are one of the most appreciated experts in the USA. With those earnings and appreciation being a Lawyer is one of the best paying jobs in America.

4) Managers


(Research & Development Manager, Software Development Manager, Pharmacy Manager, Strategy Manager, IT Manager, Engagement Manager, Application Development Manager, Finance Manager & Risk Manager)
Over the last decade, the work of all kinds of managers has been popular and needed all over the world. It is the same situation in one of the most economically developed countries – the United States of America. As many mega firms with high incomes are in need of these professions, these jobs are one of the best and highest paying jobs in America. The listed types of managers have a yearly income anywhere from $115,000 to $130,000.

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