Top 15 Best High-Paying Jobs in America

5) Software Architect


According to many research sources, software architects are one of the best paid jobs in America. The duties of the software architect are to make choices for a particular software design and to be one of the leaders when developing a software platform. Considering the software and mobile application industry is repidly growing, this is definitely an interesting job to monitor. These software experts earn up to $130,000 a year.

6) Solution Architect


The expert of solution architecture is next on our list of top and highest paying jobs in America. Having to meet the requirements from functional analysis, and considering the complexity of the tasks they have to execute, they are paid around $120,000 each year. The solution architect has to analyze the individual project, rather than focus on the entire enterprise.

7) Pharmacist


One of the healthcare experts are of course the pharmacists. Specialized in the area of medications and the right way of using them, they are the professionals who we can gladly say are the second branch of the medical system and health care. With yearly earnings of up to $118,000, they take place among the highest paying jobs in America.

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