Top 15 Best High-Paying Jobs in America

8) Data scientist


Managing the data and the information and analyzing it to its details, these professionals are experts in math and statistics calculation. As the researchers say, these professionals are extremely rare and hard to find and having in mind that not everyone has got the talent for statistics analyses and mathematics. Because of all of these reasons, data scientists are one of the best paid professionals in America with a yearly income up to $115,000.

9) Creative Director


The experts in the field of advertisement and creating the observations for the sold product are the so-called creative directors. Working with a team of many people such as designers and sales teams, creative directors are very important for the firms. Having an average yearly salary of $115,000, being a creative director is one of the highest paying jobs in America.

10) Mathematician


We all have been there and we all know the difficulty of mathematics, so logically and deservingly, mathematicians take a place on the list of best paying jobs in America. Being one of the most difficult things for the human brain is solving mathematical problems, but for these experts, that is just a regular everyday job. Because of their knowledge and demanding education in this specific field, their average yearly income is anywhere from $103,000 to $111,000, which makes this profession one of the highest paying jobs in America.

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