Top 15 Best High-Paying Jobs in America

11) Nurse-Midwife


Next on our list of best paying jobs in America are the professionals in healthcare the Nurse-Midwife. The duty of these experts is to take care of the woman during pregnancy and the period after giving birth. Their job is highly appreciated by the Americans and is one of the most paid among based on many different sources. The average yearly salary for a nurse-midwife job is estimated to be approximately around $96,000 to $100,000.

12) Actuary


Calculating the risk and transforming the information into statistics about the uncertainty are the actuaries. This profession is highly needed in and we’ll explain why. For example, if a natural catastrophe hits and does material damage, these experts need to calculate how much the worth of the destroyed material damaged in terms of money is. Having a delicate duty, this profession is among the highest paying jobs in America with an average yearly income of around $96,000.

13) Physician Assistant


Being the assistant of the medical doctors are the physician assistants which are one of the most important professionals in the healthcare system. Their job requires treating patients with illnesses or injuries and doing examinations and tests in order to provide the physician with the right information about the patient. Having a part in health care of people the physician assistants earn up to $95,000 average salary per year.

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