10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

7. Netherlands


Image Credits Dutzen Kroes (Instagram)

One of the top 10 countries with most beautiful women is the Netherlands. A country recognizable for its history and unique architecture is also very well known for its pretty ladies. As one of the countries with best-looking women the Netherlands has some top notch stars in the fashion industry such as Dutzen Kroes, Lorena Ayala Van Heerde and Nathalie Den Dekke. Having in mind these supermodels, the Dutch women are deservingly on our list of countries with the most beautiful women.

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6. Italy


Image Credits Monica Bellucci (Instagram)

Talking about beautiful women, for sure one of the first countries that come to your mind is one of the top fashion countries, Italy. Being one of the countries with best-looking females, Italy has some major supermodels in the fashion modeling industry. Stars such as Monica Bellucci, Giusy Buscemi, Claudia Romani and Cristina Chiabotto make Italy a country recognizable for its pretty women.

5. Venezuela


Image Credits Monica Bellucci (Instagram)

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Venezuela are the sexy chanting girls in the crowd on a football match. Surely you have come across a good looking Venezuelan TV presenter such as Chiquinquira Delgado or a fashion model as Emma Rabbe and Marjorie De Sousa. Having in consideration all of these obvious facts, Venezuela is placed on our top 10 list of countries with best-looking females.

4. Russia


Image Credits Irina Shayk (Instagram)

Russia, as one of the largest and coldest places on Earth, also takes place among the top 10 countries with most beautiful women. Typically with bright blue eyes, blond hair, high cheeks and pale skin the Russian ladies are known to be as some of the world’s most favored women. Alina Kabaeva, Maria Sharapova, Elena Zakharova and Irina Shayk, are few of the many names of famous and beautiful Russian females.

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