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There probably isn’t a person in the word who does not get frustrated when a website simply takes too long to load. In fact, modern websites are based on images, and having too many fancy images can slow down the load time. Fortunately, you do not have to remove the images in order to reduce the size of your website; rather, you can compress them and decrease their size. We give you a list of the best free web tools to optimize images which can help you compress the photos in order to speed up your website, while at the same time keeping the image quality; or you can simply use them to decrease the size of the images so you can send them easily over email!



The first site on our list of free web image optimization tools is probably the most used one – ImageSmaller. This online photo compression tool gives you the option to optimize and compress your images and photos in order to speed up the loading of your website or to simply reduce the image file size. This simple-to-use image compression site makes your photos smaller without losing on the quality of the image. ImageSmaller can compress JPG, JPEG and PNG image files, maintaining the PNG transparent background.


TinyPNG & TinyJPG


One of the best sites that you can use to compress images to speed up your website is TiinyPNG (or TinyPNG). Using the so-called quantization method, this image compression tool gives you the opportunity to shrink the size of your image without noticing a change in its quality. This site also offers compressing up to 20 images at the same time with an easy drag and drop method. It is one of the best web optimization tools which compresses images online.

TinyPNG | TinyJPG

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