Free Web Tools to Optimize Images Online

compressor-io is also one of the sites that have the option to optimize images to make a website faster. Offering up to 90% size trimming, this web image optimization tool can shrink 4 types of files: JPEG, PNG, GIF as well as SVG files. Maintaining the image quality with almost no difference, is one of the best online photo compression tools which can save you many Kb with its option of “Lossy” and “Lossless” compression and make your site much faster.



Another site that you can optimize images to speed up your website with is JPEG-Optimizer. This website has a unique process of image compression by giving you the option to choose the level of optimization from 0-99, and to adjust the number of pixels of the photo that is being compressed. Just so you know, if you are using this site, a lower level of compression will make the optimized image smaller, but with poorer quality, and a higher level of compression will make an image larger in terms of the size of the file, but also the compression will result in a higher quality image.



Next on our list of sites that can optimize and compress your images and photos is Similar to the optimization tool, gives their users the ability to choose the way they want to compress and optimize their image files with the options of lossy, lossless and expert optimization. It is one of the best image compression sites as it manages millions of daily image compressions. offers a premium account (Kraken PRO) which includes image resizing, uploading zip files with images, as well as uploading and compressing images trough Dropbox and Google Drive.

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