High Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

Different jobs require different training and different level of education. While we all know that basic knowledge is a must, many people decide to continue studying and enroll themselves in college. Still, college may not seem like a fun idea to all of you. But don’t worry! Did you know that there are many different high-paying jobs without a college degree? With the appropriate training for the certain job position, you may be earning even more that other positions which require a college degree! We give you the high paying jobs without a college degree according to UK Business Insider!

1) Transportation, storage, and distribution managers


On the top of our list of our highest paying jobs without a college degree are transportation, storage and distribution managers. Having the duty to coordinate the storage according to governmental laws and guides, these people have to be experienced in the field of transportation, storage and distribution in order to work as managers. The average yearly income for this job is estimated to be around $81,000 and is one of the best paying jobs without a college degree.

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