Most Exclusive Vintage Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a top piece of accessories which we all love! Not only do they protect us from those sun rays, but they also provide a stylish touch to the entire outfit. It is said that fashion moves forward, yet some of the fashion trends live forever. In recent times, we can see for ourselves that the sunglasses fashion is revived by some vintage sunglasses which are becoming top seller items. We give you a list of the most popular and the most exclusive vintage sunglasses out there which you can use to spice things up in terms of your look!

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1) Moscot Lemtosh


First on our list of best vintage sunglasses are the famous Moscot sunglasses. The Lemtosh series became well-known because of the famous Hollywood actor and woman’s favorite, Johnny Depp. So that’s the reason why you will find these retro glasses as a “Johnny Depp sunglasses” model. Established back in 1914, with its headquarters based in New York, Moscot was and still is one of the best producers of retro specs frames and vintage style sunglasses. Having a variety of sizes, the price of these sunglasses on the official site is $280.

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