Most Exclusive Vintage Sunglasses

2) Moscot Miltzen


Next on our list of top vintage sunglasses are again the Moscot sunglasses, this time with the model known as Miltzen. Produced by the same firm, with over 100 years of tradition, as the Lemotsh sunglasses, these round vintage sunglasses come in many color variations such as black, blonde, crystal, emerald, flesh, ruby, sapphire, tortoise and classic Havana. The price of these sunglasses is also $280, according to the official Moscot website.

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3) Oliver Peoples O’Malley


Founded by Larry Leight and Ken Schwartz back in 1987 and based in Los Angeles, California is one of the best vintage sunglasses brands, Oliver Peoples. One of their iconic models is the O’Malley glasses with retro specs frames. Worn by Robert Downey Jr., also known as “The Iron Man” himself and Robert Pattinson, this model comes in many color patterns, denim, amber tortoise, beige crystal, fading brown (brown/brown half 2), grey fade, cocobolo, raintree, black and semi-matte dark mahogany. Having in mind the quality of these top-notch sunglasses, they are priced around $260.

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