Most Exclusive Vintage Sunglasses

4) Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck


One of the coolest vintage sunglasses on the market are also from Oliver Peoples and are named the Gregory Peck sunglasses. If you’re wondering why they are called the Gregory Peck glasses, then you should probably consider watching one of the best retro movies, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. These sunglasses have a price of around $300 and come in different styles (8108 + Cosmik Tone Vintage Glass; Black/DTBK Gradient + G-15 Polar Glass; Crystal + Indigo Photochromic Glass).

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5) Stancey Ramars – Basic Collection


The handmade Japan retro sunglasses going by the firm name Stancey Ramars founded in 2013 are one of the best looking vintage eyewear models on the market. Having three collections (basic, M and K collection) Stancey Ramars offer a variety of different models. Probably the most bought ones are the eyewear from the basic collection. These luxury and retro models are one of the best glasses you will find out there.

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