Most Exclusive Vintage Sunglasses

6) Masunaga GMS-804SG


With over a 110 years tradition of handmade glasses production is the Masunaga eyewear manufacturer founded back in 1905 and based in Fuki, Japan. One of the most worn models from Masunaga is the 350$ worth handmade Masunaga GMS-804SG which comes in black and antique gold. With its unique rounded frames, these sunglasses are one of the top on the sunglasses market.

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7) Stancey Ramars – M Collection


If you want to go with a “classy and old-style” look you should probably take a look at the M Collection of Stancey Ramars. These handmade glasses are being produced in one of the top companies for eyewear and are very unique in terms of the style. These types of glasses never get old and out of style.

  Stancey Ramars Website   Buy from Luziottica

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