Most Exclusive Vintage Sunglasses

8) Oliver Peoples – Vintage MP-2 Sunglasses


Again, our next sunglasses model on the list is from Oliver Peoples and it is one of the limited edition vintage style sunglasses, the Vintage MP-2 model. Re-released back in 1987, and made in the same fabric in Japan as the originals, these retro sunglasses are one of the highest priced from our selection of vintage eyewear with a price up to $475. These sunglasses come in various color combinations such as black, matte black, brown, tortoise, garnet and more.

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9) Masunaga GMS-805SG


The second and also handmade sunglasses, created by one of the most experienced producers in the eyewear industry, Masunaga, are the round vintage sunglasses model, Masunaga GMS-805SG. Coming in two color variations, matte black and brown these handmade vintage sunglasses are a well-worth model with a price of up to $480. These awesome sunglasses are very elegant and solid, they are made of metal and Japanese acetate.


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