Top 10 Best Vitamin Health Supplements

9) Lysine


One of the essential amino acids in our body is Lysine. Lysine is needed for the biosynthesis of proteins. Many people consume lysine in their every-day life by eating protein rich food such as eggs, meat, fish, beans, milk, cheese etc. Lysine is also responsible for converting fatty acids into energy, which helps in lowering the cholesterol and is one of the best health supplements having an essential role in the human body. The lack of this natural health supplement may cause dizziness, fatigue, agitation, nausea, loss of appetite, anemia, slow growth (if there is a lack of Lysine in a body of a child), reproductive problems, and bloody eyes.

8) Vitamin C


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Probably one of the most popular health supplements, if not the most popular one, is Vitamin C. Unlike animals, humans cannot produce and synthetize vitamin C, meaning that we must consume this natural health supplement by eating food that has Vitamin C or taking it as a pill. The role of Vitamin C is to regrow and repair tissues in the human organism. Being one of the healthiest supplements this, water-soluble vitamin helps in many cases such as common cold, high blood pressure, and may help in the prevention of cancer and heart diseases (heart attacks). The antioxidant Vitamin C is proven to be one of the best vitamin supplements and one of the most commonly used ones.

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7) Garlic


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Although many people are disgusted by the smell of garlic, we must admit that garlic is one of the healthiest supplements. Being one of the species in the onion genus, it has been used as a medical supplement for thousands of years. Working as an immune system booster, garlic helps in healing common colds, as well as preventing some heart diseases or even cancer (mostly stomach cancer). Next time when being disgusted by the smell of garlic – think again!

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