Top 10 Calisthenics Male Athletes

9) Daniel Vadnal


Daniel Vadnal is a young, yet experienced and enthusiastic calisthenics workout athlete. Studying Sports and Exercise, he is tending to become a professional trainer. Starting as a hobby, Daniel began uploading informative videos on his YouTube channel which gradually earned him a spot as one of the most respected calisthenics masters of our time. His success is self-earned, meaning that he has accomplished his goals without a coach. At the age of 23, Daniel promotes not only physical strength, but also well-being and agility.

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10) Dominik Sky


One of the most creative calisthenics experts who found his way on this top 10 list is the 24-years old Slovenian workout enthusiast Dominik Sky. He is a truly exceptional person who is rightfully considered to be a top-notch athlete who is not afraid to play with fire (in a literal way!). Some of his most viewed YouTube videos feature him doing ring push-ups while the rings are on fire, as well as street workout videos including parkour. In total, he has over 14 million views on his YouTube videos.

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