Top 10 Calisthenics Male Athletes

11) Hassan “Giant” Yasin

In the late 1994 a man named Hassan Yasin started a movement named Giant Thinking which stands for “Growing Is a Noble Thing, To Help Introduce Nationwide Knowledge Involving Natural Guidance”. Giant used to do workout in public parks, focusing on specific moves and exercises: pushup, pullup, muscleup, dip, squat, jump and plank. During the workout sessions on parks he made many friends (including Hannibal for King) and he founded the Bartendaz Natural Movement System, which has inspired and still inspires many people around the world. Here is an article from 2009 of CNN titled “Bartendaz” empower youth with acrobatic exercise that is worth reading.

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12) Denis Minin

Denis Minin is an awesome calisthenics athlete from Ukranian with very strong training skills and physique. He gained a lot of popularity also thanks to a YouTube video (embedded above) where he films his street workout routine. He is the leader of the international movement of healthy lifestyle, President of the Ukrainian social organization “STREET WORKOUT”, the head of the international organization “STREET WORKOUT”. He is a true playground bartender and a motivation to many youngsters, he says no to drugs and alcohol choosing sport and healthy lifestyle instead!

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Our Comment

The popularity of calisthenics is due to its simplicity and accessibility for all who are trying to get in shape and commit to living a healthy lifestyle. If you are willing to give this type of exercise a try, we strongly recommend you to check out the videos and regiments by the world’s best calisthenics masters featured in our top 10 list. Undoubtedly, this workout technique will help you gain agility and strength. Conduct your research and happy training!

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