Top 10 Countries With Highest Salaries

5) Germany


Germany, like Austria, is a country rich in industry. It’s also considered to be the most powerful country in the EU with a strong national economy. After tax, the average German earns $32,252, which is pretty amazing considering almost half their income goes on tax at 49.8%. In return, Germans enjoy free healthcare, which is well maintained, and free education from pre-school right through to college. The working week in Germany is not too bad either with the average German working 35 hours per week and enjoying 24 days annual vacation.

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6) The Netherlands


The Dutch have always enjoyed a good balance of work and play. While they’re renowned to be hard workers, they also average 35 hours at work with 24 annual vacation days. If this isn’t enough to sway you, the average net salary in the Netherlands is about $29,000 after they’ve paid into their social security contributions and taxes, which makes up about 38% of their gross annual income. Being a democratic socialist country, all health care and education, including college, is free. Where do we sign up?

7) South Korea


Home of all great electronic names from Samsung to LG, South Korea has long been a strong economic Asian country. Its economy continues to grow thanks to its export ranking of 6th in the world. As well as fun electronic gadgets, South Korea produces nuclear energy, which is sold to some of its neighboring countries. The average South Korean earns a whopping $35,406 and only pays approximately 12% in taxes, which is mind blowing considering that the cost of living in South Korea is 2.67% lower than the US. But like with everything, there’s a downside too. South Koreans are known to overwork and be overworked with the average person working a 45-hour week.

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