Top 10 Job Fields with Highest Salaries

Money make the world go round! In our 21 century, that is very much true; the more money you make, the more stable your life is and hence, the better you live. How much money one makes varies from field to field. This often helps people working in one sphere to be far better off than others working in a different. And since everyone wants to earn as much as possible, it is important to know what are those particular jobs with highest salaries. Following is a list of 10 of the most paid jobs in the world.

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1) Medicine

Studying medicine is hard, but ultimately, it does pay off. Earning as much as $400,000 per year, doctors and medical specialists lead the list of most paid jobs in the world. Anesthesiologists get $258,100 every year while Surgeons get $247,520; Orthodontists make as much as $221,390 and Radiologists and Pathologists alongside with Neurologists, Ophthalmologists, Hospitalists and Dermatologists earn $197,700!

2) Directors

Medical workers are followed closely by Directors and CEOs. These people leading the huge corporations and taking care of the biggest businesses of our time do have a high salary job, earning about $390,000 annually! Their job is for sure stressful and full of huge decision making dilemmas, but, just as with the medical workers, ultimately, the effort pays off.

3) Banking

Working in the banking industry can also get you a lot of money; and by a lot we mean $350,000 per year! The banking field is full of high salary jobs. Alongside the great bonuses, Personal Bankers get up to $49,000 while Branch Managers make as much as $84,000; Small Business Specialists get around $58,000 and Relationships Managers – $152,000.

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