Top 10 Job Fields with Highest Salaries

7) Scientists

The science field offers some high paid jobs as well and the people working in this sphere earn up to $150,000 per year! Numbers show that Physicists, for instance, get almost $118,700 annually and Mathematicians follow them closely with approximately $112,100. Biologists as well, can earn up to $100,000 per year!

8) Government

The people working in this field have one of the jobs with the highest salaries in the world! Politicians follow closely the scientists and earn just a bit under the six digit line! Depending on the country they operate in, government officials’ salaries vary. However, no matter the price tag or the currency, the government field is one to look out for when looking for a high paid job.

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9) Postsecondary teachers

Professors working in the higher educational institutions also earn decently! According to the statistics, postsecondary teachers have one of the most paid jobs in the world! Postsecondary Economics Teachers earn up to $106,000 yearly while Engineering Teachers get approximately $104,000; Environmental science teachers earn $88,000 and Political Science teachers get just as much!

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