Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World

8) Japan


Japan is the only Asian country to feature in the top 10 most peaceful countries in the world. Peaceful by nature, the Japanese are spiritual people, so it’s no surprise that they make the cut in terms of world peace ranking. Japan’s access to small arms is low and everyday crime is minimal thanks to the high employment rates and above average median incomes. However, they still have problems with organized crime groups, but in saying this, it does not affect the everyday peace and happiness of the common Japanese people.

Although Japan does have admirable levels of internal peace, Amnesty International criticized its harsh capital punishment program. Yet despite this, Japan still manages to make the top 10 of the most peaceful countries in the world with a Global Peace Index number of 1.326 thanks to the country’s response to problems like nuclear armament.

7) Canada


Home to Niagara Falls, Lake Ottawa and the world’s best maple syrup, Canada, according to the World Peace Index, is the 7th most peaceful country to live in. Large in its size and population, Canadians enjoy a relatively peaceful way of life with a Global Peace Index rating of 1.317.

In the last 10 years, Canada’s peace ranking has been steady, and it only dropped for two years between 2008-10 due to the country’s participation in the war in Afghanistan and its number of soldier fatalities. Since then, Canada has pulled out its troops and remains neutral. But despite its neutrality, Canada’s military capability and sophistication is high, which does affect its overall world peace ranking. Overall, Canadians do have high levels of civil liberties, which include freedom of press, freedom to protest and trade unions.

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6) Finland


Finland is famous for its excellent standards of living, health and education, and the Finnish enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Finland remains neutral in conflict, and it’s only one of the few countries that opted out of applying to be a member of NATO. When it comes to crime levels, Finland is a safe country and it’s the 8th country in the world with the lowest gun crime. The country also scores well when it comes to democracy. The citizens of Finland enjoy all types of freedom, including freedom of press, speech and movement.

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