Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World

5) Switzerland


The Swiss Alps, beautiful pristine lakes, and picturesque friendly villages all make Switzerland a desirable place to visit and live. Despite being a landlocked country in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is the only country in the continent that has never participated in any war, even for peacekeeping sakes.

Switzerland made the decision not to join the EU or EEA and yet the country remains on excellent terms with its neighboring countries. The Swiss have an open political culture and a fair government and according to the World Peace Index, it ranks the lowest in the world for political instability.

Due to low immigration rates, a high standard of living, the average income in Switzerland is high at $91,600. The country also has a low unemployment rate of 4%, which is why crime is so low. So, why doesn’t Switzerland rank higher for peace? The country, despite its neutral position on war, has a compulsory military service and is the highest exporter of weapons in Europe.

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4) New Zealand


New Zealand is the world’s fourth most peaceful country. New Zealand enjoys its high peace rating for a number of reasons. Firstly, it boasts a fair democratic government that prides itself on equality – it was the first country to give the vote to women after all. It also has a low level of political terrorism.

New Zealand is an ally to many countries. No war has ever been fought on the country’s shores, and today, New Zealand opts to remain neutral in world conflict, electing to send peacekeeping troops instead of fighters. New Zealand also has little access to personal arms, and it has one of the lowest gun crime rates in the world. Compared to other countries, there’s only a very small percentage of the country’s population in prison. What’s more, New Zealand spends a great deal on reform and education.

3) Austria


Skiing, apple strudel, mountains and good beer…why wouldn’t you want to visit or live in Austria? There’s also another reason why Austria is so attractive to visitors – it’s ranked third in the World Peace Index. Despite the country’s tumultuous past and position in previous World Wars, Austria is now the third most peaceful country in Europe and the world.

It enjoys excellent cooperative relationships with its neighboring countries and thanks to its small and peaceful government there are few violent demonstrations. With a low unemployment rate, an equitable distribution of income and a strong social security system, crime, especially homicide, is minimal. So if you’re looking for the perfect European getaway or wish to relocate to a safe country in Europe, put Austria on the list.

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