Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

2) Higher risk for obesity and diabetes

Another reason to avoid sugar is the higher risk for obesity and diabetes. A large amount of sugar forces the pancreas to produce high levels of insulin, which causes the secretion of hormones regulating weight and metabolism. By that, the risk of getting obese is higher and obesity by its own is one of the causes for diabetes type 2. So next time when you enjoy eating too many sweets and chocolate think of these side effects of sugar!

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3) Damaging the liver

By consuming food that is filled with fructose, the liver starts overworking and every body part which is overworked is being damaged at the same time. Eating food with an overload of fructose may cause some of the following side effects of sugar: high blood pressure, high levels of urine inside the body, fatigue etc. All of these side effects make this one of the reasons why sugar is bad for you and your overall health. You may want to read “Liver recovery difficult even with improved diet, but faster if sugar intake is low on ScienceDaily.

4) Decomposition and damage to the teeth

By now you, are surely wondering what else too much sugar can do to your body. The answer is the following: We all know the old dentist’s saying “too much sugar will ruin your teeth”. Most of the time, we don’t give too much attention to it, but in fact, we should. Attached to the teeth , sugar is the main cause of teeth decay, meaning that a large amount of sugar not only ruins your health, but also causes unnecessary money spending on dental procedures.

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