Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

5) Making the body slow

If you are or ever were one of those sugar addicted people, then you probably know that after eating food that contains sugar suddenly you get energy, but after a while, you start to feel all lazy and slow. The cause of that is, of course, sugar yet again. By consuming sugar-rich food, you are only getting so-called empty calories, giving you only an instantaneous energy rush. So you should consider this as one of the top reasons to stop eating sugar.

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6) Heart diseases and high blood pressure

Next on our list of reasons to avoid sugar is one of the most frightening ones, high blood pressure and along with that – heart disease. With the misbalance of insulin, the level of lipids in the body is increased due to the high amount of consumed sugar. The result of that is high blood pressure, tormenting the heart, which can lead up to making the cardiovascular system more vulnerable and slope to heart diseases. A very interesting publication is High blood sugar levels could lead to heart attack complications on ScienceDaily.

7) Turning the immune system off

Yes, you’ve read it right, that is what too much sugar can do to your body. By consuming too much sugar the immune system can be turned off for a while, especially the very important immune cells, the T-cells. T-cells are the immune elements which are responsible for fighting against the bacteria caused infections. The inactive T-cells are one of the top reasons to stop eating sugar and thinking twice before consuming sugar based products.

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