Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

8) Higher risk for cancerous diseases

The constant presence of high quantity of sugar in the blood makes insulin rise above the normal level. Recent studies have shown that high levels of insulin cause an uncontrolled cell growth which is one of the causes for cancer. That’s one of the top reasons why too much sugar is bad for you and why too much sugar ruins your health. There are a few interesting publications about this, i.e. “Excess sugar linked to cancer” on Sciencedaily.

9) Skin problems

Eating too much Nutella and chocolaty stuff will eventually cause wrinkles and a faster skin aging. Also high production of the previously mentioned insulin may cause breakout of acne and produce enzymes that break down collagen, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Being one of the side effects of sugar, skin problems are also a thing you should have in mind while eating sugary food. Isn’t it better to have a healthy skin that doesn’t look older than it is?

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10) Sugar causes addiction

The last reason to avoid sugar on our top 10 list is probably one of the most important ones. Eating sugar will eventually make you a sugar-addict. Yes, a sugar addict, meaning your body and brain will be in a constant daily need of that pleasant feeling while eating food that contains sugar. So if you already are one you should think of reducing your daily dose of sugar and if you aren’t a sugar addict already, try not to become one in the future.

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