Top 15 Fitness Girls on Instagram

Instagram – the place you go to when you want to see anything from food-porn to cute cat pictures. Still, there is another more exciting side of Instagram than watching a recipe you know you are never going to make anyway – the hottest fitness girls on Instagram! If you were looking for motivation to lift your bottom up from the chair, we just found it for you! Introducing the top fitness girls on Instagram to follow for motivation!

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1) Jen (Jennifer) Selter


The 23-year old American with 9.8 million Instagram followers Jen Selter, has one of the best women’s fitness Instagram profiles out there. The sexy bikini and workout photos brought her the most of her popularity, but she is also known as a fitness motivation girl because of the inspirations posts on her official page. Jen also covers topics such as nutrition, lifestyle and tips that would help fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals.

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2) Michelle Lewin


If you are following the world of fitness, then you have probably already heard about Michelle and her amazing life story. The Venezuelan fitness-iron-woman at 30 years of age has over 6.5 million followers on Instagram and over 230,000 YouTube subscribers. On her profiles, she posts mostly workout videos. Starting in the year 2012, she became a role model for many fitness lovers.

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3) Anllela Sagra


With 22 years of age, the Colombian having one of the best women’s fitness Instagrams is Anllela Sagra. Starting about four years ago and being one of the first Colombian fitness models, Anllela posts pictures from her sexy and well-defined body and has an enormous number of followers – 6 million to be exact. She has also formed a YouTube channel with over 74,000 subscribers, where she mostly provides workout and motivation videos. She is also known as one of the fitness motivation girls on Instagram.

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