Top 15 Fitness Girls on Instagram

16) Tana Ashlee


The American fitness expert at the age of 25 has one of the best women’s fitness Instagrams with 1.5 million followers. Most of the time, Tana is publishing workout videos . She is also offering her training programs on her website “Train with Tana”. She has helped and inspired many people in achieving their training goals and she is a well-known fitness motivation girl.

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17) Jessica Arevalo


One of the most popular woman bodybuilders is the 31-year old American top fitness girl on Instagram, Jessica Arevalo. With 2.1 million followers, Jessica has one of the most popular and best women’s fitness Instagram profiles out there. She gained most of her followers by posting sexy pictures of herself and videos while working out. In addition, Jessica has a YouTube account with 95,000 subscribers where she mostly uploads workout videos.

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18) Lyzabeth Lopez


The cover girl and fitness model from Venezuela, Lyzabeth Lopez, is also one of the hottest girls on Instagram. She has won many awards as a trainer, nutritionist and fitness expert. Lyzabeth, at the age of 35, has a large number of followers on social media: 2 million on Facebook, 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 30,000 YouTube subscribers.

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