Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made

There’s nothing like a manly movie to get your teeth into. Manly movies are great, but what’s exactly classified as a ‘manly’ movie? Well, there are a number of things. There’s the fierce and hard characters, the action-filled and often terrifying plot, the out of this world special effects, the location… all of these elements combined make for a manly movie.

Are you the type who loves to be on the edge of your seat waiting for that next hit? Do you love fast cars, fights, adrenaline and crime? If yes, you’re going to love (and you should also share) this list of the top 15 manliest films ever made; because badasses are cool and gangsters are real!

1) Fight Club

David Fincher’s Fight Club is totally a manly movie. It’s full of testosterone-fueled males looking for one another’s blood. Bored insomniac office worker is tired of the day-to-day monotony. It’s simple; he wants a change. As luck would have it, his path crosses with another man, who like him is in search of something new.

Together they form a brutal (and very illegal) underground fight club. However, it doesn’t go exactly as they planned – it evolves into something much more than they ever had imagined. One thing’s for sure, the words “I want you to hit me as hard as you can” will resonate with you for a long time!

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2) Gladiator

This is the ultimate battle movie. And let’s face it, every man loves a bit of Russell Crowe – he’s the man we all aspire to be. With action from start to finish, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, starring Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix is enough to get the blood pumping through your veins. Follow the story of a Roman General (Crowe) and watch him travel to the ancient city of Rome as an intimidating gladiator when he looks to seek avenge his family’s murders. It’s gripping!

3) Snatch

Probably Guy Ritchie’s most famous movie, this movie released in 2000 is full of everything manly including crooked boxing promoters, vehement bookmakers, inept amateurish criminals, so-called Jewish jewel dealers, and a formidable Russian gangster. They all have one aim – to hunt down an invaluable stolen diamond. They’ll do anything to get their hands on it.

Get ready for some awesome fights, a lot of swearing, and some of the wittiest comebacks in cinema history! The performances from Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and Benicio Del Toro are also worth watching!

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