Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made

4) Spartacus

Men, here’s another gladiator-themed movie for you, because if truth be told, there’s no era in the entire history that’s manlier than the times of ancient Rome, don’t you agree with this? Secretly every man would love to go back in time and step into the gladiator arena in full armor, but since this is (unfortunately) not possible, this ultra manly movie will just have to suffice.

Directed by the award winning acclaimed director, Stanley Kubrick, Spartacus doesn’t disappoint. Led by legendary actor, Kirk Douglas, this gladiator movie set in 70BC shows the violent slave uprising against the almighty Roman Empire. It has everything needed to make a movie manly from its typecast characters to the merciless and gut-wrenching battles.

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5) Braveheart

Mel Gibson’s performance in Braveheart is noteworthy, and it will surely get you pumped. With a little bit of everything from action to love and from history to loss, Braveheart should be on your manly movie must-see list. The story follows Mel Gibson and his precarious journey during the Scottish uprising versus William ‘The Pretender’ Wallace. You’ll love this epic movie for the constant action and there’s even some male bromances going on – it’s like real life!

6) 300

Because we just can’t get enough of Gladiators!

This movie, based on Frank Miller’s graphic gladiator novel, is awesome. But why read the book when you can see the blood and gore on the big screen? It’s so real; you’ll feel like you’re amongst it! Director Zack Snyder portrays the story well. 300 Bloodthirsty Spartans ready themselves for a ferocious battle as they attempt to defend their nation from their barbarian enemies. There’s non-stop action, so if this is what you’re after, this is one movie that will make you wild and get those testosterone levels up.

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