Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made

10) Top Gun

Grab your lady even and watch this ultimate man-flick with her – she’ll love the subtle romance and suave ways of the ever-so-slick Tom Cruise while you sit back and revel as you enjoy some of the US Navy’s Elite students battling it out to become top of the class… Cruise is cool, and secretly you want to be like his young aviator wearing character, but don’t worry we won’t tell anyone!

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11) The Untouchables

Prohibition in the US has caused uproar. The country has gone mad. And as a result, a wave of organized and violent crimes has occurred. A number of formidable gangs bootleg crazy amounts of booze for illegal sales and consumption. And how do they control and maintain their businesses? With extreme violence and extortion, how else? This is an action-come-crime movie at its best and is definitely a must if you like gangsters movies!

12) Rocky

In total, there are seven Rocky movies to watch, and they’re all worth their weight (every pun intended). It’s time to have the ultimate boxing movie marathon. So lock yourself in your man cave, call your buddies, get in the beer and prepare for some manly performances from Stallone. Watch them in order, from start to finish, and enjoy some of the world’s best boxing movies that have ever been made. You know this already, and it may sound formulaic, but die-hard Rocky fans know that the movies aren’t really about the boxing in them they’re about the fight – the way they should be!

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