Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made

13) Rambo

Hell yeah! Sty Stallone is the king of masculinity, which is why after your Rocky marathon you need to indulge in a bit of Rambo as well – Stallone’s second best series! John Rambo, a Vietnam War veteran, is based on the main character from David Morrell’s number one novel, First Blood. You’ll love the crazy characters, the angst, the anger and the obvious anti-Soviet Union propaganda. But best of all, you’re going to rate Stallone’s performance and how he continuously takes on entire armies and comes out on top no matter what!

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14) Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino is known for his crazy bloody movies full of guns, gangsters and the occasional hot chick, and Reservoir Dogs, starring Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Harvey Keitel, is by far his best. When what seemed like a simple jewelry heist goes awfully wrong, the criminals who survive the ordeal begin to get suspicious. Is one of them an informant? Perhaps a cop? The suspense will kill you; but can you handle those heart-stopping moments?

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