Top 15 Richest YouTubers

4) elrubiusOMG

Rubén Doblas Gundersen also known as El Rubis is a Spanish YouTuber and at the age of 26, he is one of the most successful people in his field. The “elrubiusOMG” YouTube channel was created on 2011 (just a few years ago). With over 20 million subscribers and 4,3 billion views, his mainly gaming channel have earned him a yearly income of $6,3 million. He is mostly known for GTA V, Skyrim, Garrys Mod, “Juegos en 1 minuto”, “Gayplays” and much more.

YouTube Channel

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5) VanossGaming

Next on our YouTube millionaires list comes the Canadian Evan Fong, known as Vannos. The 24-year-old gamer reached his success simply by playing and commenting on video games. The VannosGaming channel has a total of 18,5 million subscribers and 5,7 billion views. With a yearly income of up to $10 million, Vannos is one of the highest paid YouTubers out there.

YouTube Channel

6) Nigahiga

Probably making the coolest videos on YouTube is the 26-year-old American, Ryan Higa, also known as Nigahiga. His creative and mostly comic content have earned him a large number of subscribers – over 18 million to be exact. With Ryan’s huge effort in video making, he has 2,9 billion views on the 284 uploads on his Nigahiga channel and an estimated yearly net worth of $2.4 million, making him one of the highest-paid YouTubers (at the 6° position).

YouTube Channel

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