Top 15 Richest YouTubers

13) Skrillex

The well-known dubstep DJ owns a highly viewed and subscribed YouTube account, putting him on our YouTube millionaires list. Sonny John Moore or Skrillex is posting mainly his songs in collaboration with many famous people from the music industry, yet has only 165 uploads. Still, he has gained over 14 million subscribers and his music videos have been viewed over 3.3 billion times. Being one of the richest DJ YouTubers, his yearly income is up to $6 million.

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14) ERB – Epic Rap Battles

We sure you have already come across some of the Epic Rap Battles videos. Combining history, modern famous characters and rap music, Peter Shukoff , 37 years old, and Lloyd Ahlquist, aged 39, have made a one-of-a-kind channel which has been viewed over 2,3 billion times even though it has only 61 videos. The 13,6 million subscribers have put this YouTube channel on the most subscribed list and on the YouTube millionaires list as well. The yearly net worth of this channel is estimated to be up to $1.1 million.

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15) Machinima

Starting in 2006, Machinima (founder Hugh Hancock), have created their own YouTube channel and today it has over 12 million subscribers with an enormous number of 5,6 billion views. Machinima is the premier online YouTube network for gamers. Uploading gaming videos, animated videos and reviews of gaming consoles, the Machima channel is earning up to $330K.

YouTube Channel

Not all the yearly net worths are correct..

All the Youtuber’s yearly net worth are an estimation and should not be considered 100% correct. We made the estimations based on the total video views and the YouTube Ads CPM rate (approximate). Some good stats about Youtubers can be viewd on Socialblade.

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