Top 15 Best WordPress Plugins

4) Regenerate Thumbnails


The purpose of the next extension on our list of the best WordPress plugins is already included in the name of the plugin, Regenerate Thumbnails. Offering a regeneration of the photo thumbnails, this plugin is very easy to use. With over 3,8 million downloads, the developer Alex Mills (Viper007Bond) has created one of the best WordPress plugins.

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5) WP Smush – Image Optimization


Allowing you to change the size of your photos is the popular and one of the top WordPress plugins – WP Smush. Using WPMU DEV servers, WP Smush offers you the option to resize your images so you can save storage on your servers. This extension is developed by WPMU DEV – Your WordPress Team and Alex Dunae, and helps the user enhance their SEO and overall performance. With over 3,8 million downloads, it is one of the most used WordPress plugins.

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6) WP-Optimize


Mostly used to blocks spam, as well as clean up comments that are not approved is the well-known plugin to WordPress users – WP-Optimize. Removing many unneeded stuff on a WordPress blog, this extension offers many features. If you are looking for a tool that will help you in managing your comment section, WP-Optimize is the right one to go with. Developed by Ruhani Rabin (ruhanirabin), it is considered to be one of the must-have WordPress plugins, having been downloaded over 2,5 million times.

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