Top 15 Best WordPress Plugins

13) P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)


Often WordPress users tend to use many plugins on their sites which may cause a slow site loading. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) is known to be one of the best WordPress plugins helping you figure out which extensions are needed and really helpful on your website and which are only causing slow performance and are slowing up the process of loading. Deserving a place in the list of best WordPress plugins, this extension is developed and created by users going by the name of GoDaddy,, Kurt Payne and askink. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) has been downloaded over a million times by now.

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14) Cookie Law Info


You have probably already come across the Cookie Law Info on almost every website you have visited in recent time. The new EU Cookie Law forces users to put info on their site, stating that the website uses cookies. You might find this info forms boring, but a law is a law. The Cookie Law Info protects you exactly from this new law and allows you to customize the Cookie info sample based on your site’s design. And yes, this is literally a must have WordPress plugin, which has been created by the author with the username Richard. This plugin has already been downloaded 635,000 times.

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15) AddToAny – Share Buttons


Probably one of the most important features on a website are the social media sharing buttons, which we take into consideration as last (but not least!) on our list of best WordPress plugins. By adding the AddToAny plugin, you can make sharing your content easier for your website visitors. Also, this can be really helpful in improving the audience number on a website. The authors behind this top WordPress plugin are micropat and AddToAny. This extension has an overall of 5,4 million all-time downloads.

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