Top Healthiest Foods for a Healthy Life

Oats, quinoa, wheat (grains)


These seeds are one of the healthiest foods to eat every day and take place on our top 10 list of foods for a healthy life. Starting with oats, they are an excellent source of fiber (beta-glucan) which reduces the negative cholesterol in the body. Next is the quinoa, a rich protein plant food with a high amount of iron, magnesium, fiber, vitamins B and E as well as calcium. And the last and one of the best foods to eat from our chosen grains is wheat which is considered to be a good source filled with B-type vitamins and many minerals.

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We all know that eggs are probably one of the best proteins out there, and along with that one of the best foods to eat on a daily base. Also, eggs are rich in minerals (such as iron) and vitamin B2. The health benefits of this source of protein are well-known. Some of them are a healthier heart, essential proteins needed in the construction of the human body, better vascular health, raising the positive cholesterol etc. With all of these impacts, you should surely include eggs in your healthy eating program.

Special (exotic) fruits


Referring to fruits that are less frequently found are one of the healthiest foods in the world, the special or also known as exotic fruits. First of our chosen special and exotic fruits is the avocado, which is very nutritious and rich in potassium, fiber and fatty acids and is believed to have a good impact on the cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) health. Next is the fruit known as papaya, a fruit known to improve the well-being of the digestive system (rich with papain enzyme, fiber and water). The third exotic and tropical fruit, known as a food for a healthy life is the pineapple, an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients and minerals which help in improving the immune system, cellular health as well as arthritis. Our last chosen special and exotic fruit is the well-known coconut, from which come the healthy coconut oil and milk.

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